Sunday, November 19, 2017


Showing you how horrible this foreign born former A+ list tweener is, he is blackmailing a fellow A list singer who comes from the same country. Apparently the former tweener would like some songs and doesn't want to have to pay for them. So, he has a recording made by a celebrity offspring who gets her coke from the former tweener and is bearding for the blackmailed one. One the recording, the blackmailed singer is talking about his sexuality which keeps in the closet and also talks about the first time he had sex with the guy he considers his boyfriend. If I were the blackmailed A list singer, I would get in touch with this one named permanent A list male singer who has video recordings of the blackmailer which he would never want to see the light of day.
Foreign born former A+ list tweener: Justin Bieber
Fellow A list singer: Shawn Mendes
Celebrity offspring: Hailey Baldwin

I'm sure this former Disney actress turned future porn star is sad her celebrity ex died. The thing is though, they only hooked up long enough where he agreed to be her supplier for pills. Now, she will need to find them from somewhere else. Bella Thorne/Lil Peep via

At that big wedding this week, this permanent A list singer who is permanently A+ list in the minds of many has requested to be seated as far as possible from that reality momager she can't stand.BeyoncĂ©/Kris Jenner (Serena Williams’ wedding) via

This A- list mostly television actress who will drop like a stone to bad tv movies and direct to On Demand once her hit show ends reminds me a lot of Jennifer Love Hewitt a decade ago. If you date her, and our actress likes you, she will expect you to commit to her 24/7 within a week and constantly text and call and be talking about marriage. Unlike JLH, I don't know if this actress already owns the engagement ring she wants but it wouldn't shock me. Kaley Cuoco ("The Big Bang Theory")  via

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