Sunday, November 12, 2017

This A list mostly movie actor who is an EOT/nominee/winner and can do comedy to horror thinks he is being pro-woman with his recent comments about Louis C.K. I think he should be concerned about the high school age females he used to harass on that long running show of his. No, the one before that one. Bryan Cranston via

This permanent A list singer is using her family members to drop tidbits to tabloids about how the permanent A list singer was abused during her marriage. It isn't true, but she wants to gain an edge in the custody hearings without actually saying anything herself. Janet Jackson via

Quite the opposite of down, this foreign born former A lister who is making it on his own now was high as a kite. He was almost flying around. His issue was the number of women who thought he was acting inappropriately. You don't want to take a picture with this guy when he was in the condition he was last night. This B+ list actress/wannabe full time actress almost slapped him when he tried to grab her breast. Niall Horan/Lea Michele via

An entire hotel bathroom was covered in blood. The hotel room was out of the country. The blood may or may not have belonged to this A+ list mostly movie actor who was the guest staying in the room. This was not a few drops, but apparently a whole lot. Enough where the hotel called in a special cleaning team. I wonder if he is using heroin again or if he was drunk and cut himself badly.Johnny Depp via

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