Sunday, December 3, 2017


 I have written about this teenage actress/singer before and apparently she is getting worse. Not only did she show off all her new plastic surgery procedures last night but she was the most entitled person of the night and was rude to everyone she considered beneath her on the list. Sabrina Carpenter  via

This former A-/B+ list singer who is a celebrity offspring has been popping pills like crazy and is a strung out mess. She says its fine and she has it under control. That is basically the same thing she said when she nearly died a year ago from the pills. Elle King via

This A- list mostly movie actor who sounds like he cleans a lot left behind a few sex toys and handcuffs after a recent hotel stay. Apparently the handcuffs were installed in such a way that the bed actually needed to be replaced because they could not be removed without damaging the bed. Armie Hammer  via

Several people including The Director's Wife and a one name still young actress have received random payments in the past week for supporting or at least not bashing Harvey Weinstein when they could have. Gretchen Mol/Zendaya via

Which TV presenter and 90s favourite has got himself in a little bit of trouble with the missus? It seems she's got hold of his phone and has been texting the women he's been propositioning "This is his wife... why don't you fuck off you whore?" Mario Lopez via

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