Sunday, December 10, 2017


This A list former tweener show actress who was always older than her character and was outfamed by someone on her eponymous show was harassed while shooting an episode of network television recently. She said the lead actor, who is permanently A list television did a lot of touching and groping but she didn't say anything because she has not been working very much as of late. Victoria Justice (Ariana Grande/"Victorious")/Matt LeBlanc ("Man with a Plan") via

This permanent A list mostly movie actor has a little vanity project. He is by no means the only actor or actress who would rather be on the road singing rather than acting. Strange thing about this actor is that he is heterosexual when he is in LA or working on a film, but when he is playing in that side project, he prefers the company of guys exclusively. Jamie Foxx via

If you look older than 18, this Emmy winning director/choreographer wants nothing to do with you. If you are, or look younger, than he will be all over you and you better know that he is going to try and get you to have sex with him. If you don't, he will just sexually assault you until you can push him off. Just ask the stars of that cable television movie franchise why they won't make another installment even though their careers could use the boost? It is because he gets to decide if he wants to direct it and they had enough of his terror to last a lifetime. Do you remember that blind item I wrote a few weeks back about a movie that this foreign born former A+ list superhero made back in the day and how the whole set was just people having sex and being out of control? Guess who worked on that movie and tried to have sex with everyone? Yep, this jerk.
Director/choreographer: Kenny Ortega
Cable television movie franchise: "High School Musical"
Former A+ list superhero: Christian Bale
Movie: "Newsies"  via

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