Sunday, December 17, 2017


A lot of designers and several actresses they were going to dress for various award shows are upset that they are basically being told what to wear or what to make. This designer who is a regular on that cable fashion show says he wants no part of the forced dress code. Actresses will wear black to the Golden Globes in protest of sexual harassment  via

This A+ list mostly movie actress is back on with that married foreign Ambassador to the UN. Whenever his wife goes out of town, our actress swoops right in. Angelina Jolie/NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg via

This B+ list mostly television actress who gets up to A- list sometimes is a celebrity offspring. She got tossed from her hotel while on vacation for badmouthing a hotel employee and just being an out of control diva. Makes you wonder if she is back on the drug/booze train that got her arrested for violence not that long ago. Emma Roberts  via

With the tug of war between this foreign born A list mogul/reality star and the only one left standing with him from that successful boy band some interesting news might come out of it. Apparently an offspring always attributed to the boy bander may in fact be the child of the mogul. Simon Cowell/Liam Payne ("One Direction")/Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini via

This celebrity offspring/host/wannabe model/frequent yachter was at a party with an NBA team last night. Several guys showed interest, but she said she was only interested in guys who had $10K in cash for her time last night. Apparently one member of the team had the money. Bella Hadid  via

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