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At least once or twice a week, this Housewife who has done lots of other things knocks on her neighbor's door and the Housewife leaves her kid(s). Doesn't sound so bad until I add in the part that it is usually the middle of the night, the Housewife is drunk and has met someone online to go hook up with. Bethenny Frankel via

I guess all of that "charity" money and all of those introductions of willing actresses to certain members of this police department has been worth it for this disgraced producer. He also got police jobs on the side as security guards and bodyguards to celebrities and politicians. He would then use what they heard as his own blackmail service. Harvey Weinstein (LAPD) via

I know I already wrote about the former A+ list tweener actor turned A- list adult actor who loves his makeup. I have to say though, someone was up close to him yesterday and said it was kind of strange because he was sweating so much, the makeup was running and looked awful. Plus, it also looks like he has just botoxed and juvidermed the heck out of his face. Zac Efron via

This soap opera actress who has many more lucrative offers, can’t stand her "mother" and the feeling is mutual. The thing is, the daughter has a much higher rate for her services these days after being the darling of another network. As much as I have enjoyed her coming back recently, only to leave again, her television mom, a longtime veteran, demanded that her pay be matched. That caused a lot of cutbacks. Writers were fired, which annoys me. And other cutbacks were made to pay the matriarch of the show a similar salary that she demanded. At some point, you should be happy to have the same role for decades and just acknowledge that someone has surpassed your popularity on the show. There are also a lot of blind items circulating about this show having a casting couch, and my sources say that is far from the truth. At least for the people I chatted with.
Show: "Days Of Our Lives"
Soap Opera Actress: Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady)
"Mother": Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) via

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