Wednesday, February 28, 2018


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Sunday, February 25, 2018


They are all saying one thing publicly, but these three Academy Award winners still regularly keep in contact with the disgraced producer. Two of them have hooked up with him in the past. The youngest of the three texted him as recently as Valentine's Day. Meryl Streep/Gwyneth Paltrow/Jennifer Lawrence  via

This permanent A- list actress who gets most of that A from the long running network television show of which she was a part did something I hadn't seen her do in a long time. Coke. She was getting chummy with that foreign born A- list singer who is known around town for having the best stuff. They shared some. Very interesting. Jennifer Aniston/The Weeknd via

It is pretty messed up that the men closest to him in life whether it be through friendship or blood have all had sex with his girlfriend. This former A+ list tweener though thinks it is a sign of loyalty rather than anything messed up. Umm, the fact you have to drug the woman to get her to do it kind of ruins the whole loyalty argument. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez via

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Sunday, February 18, 2018


If I were this permanent A- list rocker from a permanent A list band, I would probably get someone to taste test my food before I ate it. One of his girlfriend's exes claimed she tried to kill him twice and tried to make each time look like an accident. Everything was great until he named her as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy. She tried twice within a week and he was out the door and never looked back. Why didn't he leave after the first time? He believed her story. Tommy Lee/Brittany Furlan (Randal Kirk)  via

This A+ list mostly movie actress with a new movie coming out says she has not been feeling right since a coke binge a few days ago. She says she feels permanently hot now and numb and that her heart is beating differently. Jennifer Lawrence via

This barely there celebrity family is so good at exploiting diseases. They will do it for money or attention or to, as one is now doing pretending they are not using drugs and that it is a disease that has changed their appearance. Gigi Hadid (Hashimoto's diseasevia

This permanent A++ lister known to everyone in the world keeps deflecting her role of complicity in the ongoing disgrace of this A list producer. She keeps supporting others but never looks in the mirror to see that she helped enable his behavior. Where is the apology for that? Oprah/Harvey Weinstein via

This B+ list celebrity who is an A+ list athlete in her sport refused to take pictures with several of her teammates. She said that maybe if they were lucky she would take one with them sometime. And she wonders why people don't like her. Lindsey Vonn via

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