Sunday, February 4, 2018


This foreign born A list model who is probably permanently A list at this point told her boyfriend before she agreed to get married that she could earn $1.5M a month hooking up with men, but for marriage, she would give him a discount. She is getting paid $1M a month, every single month to be married. I don't know what she gets for each child. Miranda Kerr/Evan Spiegel via

This A+ list couple are using one of their children to launder and hide money with all kinds of companies and accounts created in her name. BeyoncĂ©/Jay Z (Blue Ivy) via

We Are Better Than They Are: You know those celebrities who think they are better than everyone else? Yes, it is most of them, but some are more open about it. You will listen to them in interviews talk about regular people and how they are not like regular people. There is that level that believes they are so special you should not be allowed to speak to them or look them in the eyes. The thing is, they have so many enablers and suck ups in their lives, that it just exacerbates the situation. There is a final level that believes the world would be a much better place if it only consisted of A list celebrities and rich people. They do everything they can to flaunt the rules and laws and just live the way they want. There is the former A+ list mostly movie actor who still has A+ list name recognition who firmly believes that people from third world countries should be killed off before they take all the food. He espouses certain beliefs, that if actually followed would accomplish it. He has been joined in those same calls by several other celebrities who keep trying to get people to adopt their position. They know that higher educated people would never fall for it. Well, probably not anyway. They know the people who will be seduced by these fake facts are the ones they want to see eliminated from the earth. There is the A list singer who does some acting who sexually assaulted an actress on a movie he was filming. This was during the beginning of the Harvey takedown. The singer didn't care. He flat out told the actress no one would believe her and that she should be grateful that an A lister even took an interest in her. There is a permanent A list mogul married to a permanent A lister. They don't really even talk a good game or even do lip service. They stay quiet on purpose along with other A+ listers who never seem to speak out. They don't care. They want to be the ones running the world and don't really care about anyone else.
Former A+ list actor: Mel Gibson
A list singer: Justin Timberlake
Permanent A list mogul/permanent A lister: Jay Z/BeyoncĂ© via

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