Sunday, March 11, 2018


I'm pretty sure her otherwise amazingly excellent plastic surgeon went a little overboard because this former A+ list mostly movie actress who will probably have A list name recognition forever even if she continues to keep herself from the acting world couldn't blink. It seems as if she only blinks once every five or six minutes and it is the most bizarre thing to see. Demi Moore  via

Continuing her long standing tradition of being rude to fans, this former tweener turned A- list singer not named Selena (who isn't all that great to her fans either) was at an event this week and refused to take photos with any fan who asked. These are the same fans she claims to love and wants to purchase her music. Demi Lovato via

This A list singer might have got hitched while overseas but it probably comes as news to the guy she has been hooking up with on and off in the same city for almost six months. I guess that guy just didn't have the quality of drugs our singer has grown used to and that the person she may have married does. Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom  via

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