Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why yes, that was this more than two named A- list actor/host all of you know from multiple hit television shows and even a movie franchise cuddling up to a person at a dinner that was most definitely not his significant other. Neil Patrick Harris (David Burtka)  via

This former A+ list mostly movie actor with a franchise he was stripped of has probably dropped to B list now. He was always a jerk when he was at his peak and now that he is being given a second chance he is still being a jerk. He is just more aggressive about it now towards women and no one likes working with him on his new show. Brendan Fraser  via

This former Disney actress turned future porn star walked out of a recent movie premiere to share some lines of coke with this foreign born former A+ list tweener. Bella Thorne/Justin Bieber  via

This former A+ list politician who is running again for yet another position he has not held before is trying like crazy to keep his name out of the fact that he is now at least partly responsible for the two largest toy chains in the US to go under and this time around 33K jobs. Mitt Romney (U.S. Senate Utah) ("Toys ‘R’ Us" and "KB Toys"via

Apparently, that new organ is not working so well for that A-/B+ lister because of the abuse it has taken and she may actually need a replacement for the replacement. How about just changing your life rather than getting ones that other people would love to have and cherish. Selena Gomez via

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