Sunday, April 15, 2018


The entire cast and crew want her fired, but she won't be because she is sleeping with the director of this little project she has going on while taking a break from her television series. She is convinced she has already won the award for best acting in this genre and treats everyone like it and reminds them everyday she is "slumming" while doing the project and she doesn't need it while they all do. Maybe all the botox and fillers she has been getting as of late are messing with her mind. Katharine McPhee  via

This foreign raised permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee is filming a project right now with a couple of A/A+ listers and had it stipulated in her contract that she was to be provided the largest house while filming on location. Nicole Kidman via

This looooooong time A list reality star all of you know has been raiding the trust funds of her kids to maintain her standard of living. Kate Gosselin  via

Being covered up, or at least trying to cover it up was the discovery on set of this now shut down show. There were multiple cameras in each trailer, dressing room, wardrobe and hair and makeup. Literally hundreds of cameras in any place where there was any chance of nudity. The show, a tween type show, had hundreds of tweens cycled through the seasons. It is unknown how many thousands of images and recordings exist. The executives at the network are trying to keep all of this quiet because they would be potentially facing hundreds of lawsuits from anyone who was a victim. This all came out after the show runner was fired. Dan Schneider ("Game Shakers") via

Producers of this residency had always assumed their new star attraction could sing. Sure, they knew she would need backing vocals, but when she showed up for rehearsals, they freaked at just how awful this A list singer sounds and how she is going to have to lip sync everything other than talking to the audience. Gwen Stefani via

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