Sunday, April 22, 2018


Continuing his trend of being the biggest a-hole to people who can do him no good is this winter athlete turned reality star. Wow he was awful to people at a recent event this week. Adam Rippon  via

He’s a legendary actor and has the Academy Award attention to prove it, but you might have to prepare yourself for seeing less of him. A source tells me the A list actor is planning on quietly retiring from appearing on screen and possibly staying in the industry via producing and potentially directing. ‘He wants to dedicate his time to stopping his kids from going haywire,’ jokes the source, who admits that the actor has been falling down the relevance ladder for sometime and knows it. ‘The physical demands have taken a toll and he’s not made of iron." Robert Downey Jr. via

Oh, this is so good and so typically small town Hollywood. Guess who, when she was back doing pay for play on that game show hooked up with this now disgraced A list mostly movie director. Yeah, so no big deal about that and apparently she was willing to hook up with him for free. Not for free though, was this partner of the disgraced director who now has a national stage. Yep. There is no way she is telling her future husband about those though right? For sure not the latter. Meghan Markle ("Deal or No Deal")/Brett Ratner/Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin via

I have written about this in the past few weeks, but apparently since I wrote it, this A list couple has not been with their kids in person, and it isn't like at least one of them couldn't. I feel like they are props they wish they could give back. George and Amal Clooney via

One closeted half of one of the best bands ever was having an affair, rivaling that of Shakespeare, with his long dead bandmate. The two first met prostituting when they were around 15 as they were incredibly poor. When that backfired, one suggested mugging dudes in back alleys but the more violently perceived one couldn’t do it, so they started an empire. Despite the fact they were estranged for the late halves of their lives, they often booked rooms in hotels under different names and their public feud was just for show, much like most of their lives. As well as this they ghostwrote some of the most famous songs ever for each other, and called each other regularly. Their relationship in its day, though not public was an open secret, especially to their rock buddies who admired the couple greatly. The wife of the deceased member of this couple has no idea and would probably scream if she found out. The wife of the other knew about it, supported it and just wanted her husband to be happy even if that meant abandoning the kids. During their reign, they threw bricks at each-others windows, tried to fight each-others girlfriends, publicly screamed about how much they missed each other at parties, spiralled into depression, took copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, and were planning to ‘reunite’ and get a old man farm together before one half’s unfortunate death. The alive one, who is considered a bit lame, still loves his other half immensely and plans to release a tell-all once the banshee dies as he wants to preserve their relationship and finally tell the truth about the ordeal. Truly a sad story indeed. John Lennon (Yoko Ono)/Paul McCartney (Linda McCartney) ("The Beatles") via

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