Sunday, April 29, 2018


This foreign born A+/A list singer was on a no booze mandate this time around at her favorite salon. Her last visit resulted in her passing out in the chair from drinking too much and the salon closing until our singer could be awakened from her drunken slumber. Adele  via

Is it really giving money to charity if you run the charity? Apparently this former A++ list celebrity who everyone in the world knows, promised to donate a significant chunk of dirty money to charity but it went to the celebrity's own charity. Seems kind of shady. Hillary Clinton ("Clinton Foundation")  via

Could someone please tell this permanent A list mostly movie actor that when you use botox etc, you look puffy and strange and people notice right away. He thinks they don't because he is surrounded by people who only say how wonderful he is and how it makes him look a decade younger. Tom Cruise  via

This pay cable show is a big hit, but behind the scenes, it is one of the worst places to work and unless you are one of the stars, you never want to go back. Unless things have changed, the producers are just playing roulette at this point as to when they will get sued for hostile work environments. The producers tried to go in after scenes, sometimes a week later to try and get actors to sign nudity riders and releases in an attempt to cover themselves. There was that scene filmed in an actual mausoleum where the people in charge had to be warned against trying to make the actors touch each other's genitals, especially without barriers. Several crypts were damaged because the actors were painted head to toe, sweating profusely and given no breaks. They ended up leaning against the crypts and the paint would smear on the crypts. Oh, and don't forget the lit torches that were held and lit for hours which caused temperatures to soar even higher and caused multiple people to pass out from the heat. Oh, and don't forget the guys who kept wandering on set and pleasuring themselves in the corners to the scenes they were watching. Several high level crew quit that day because of the conditions. "Westworld"  via

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