Sunday, June 10, 2018


I was just watching the rerun with a friend whose ex works on this one show. This is what she told me: For the rest of us, there are crank diets, shady supplements, and astrological diagnosis. For this one actress though, there to tell a truly sympathetic personal story, there was a prescription to pharmaceutical grade cocaine, and free samples in the dressing room. "Dr. Oz Show" via

As I told you a looong time ago, this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee wanted nothing to do with her superhero co-star. Three directors passed on his solo project and producers are having trouble finding people who want to act alongside him either. Margot Robbie/Jared Leto   via

I am shocked that this particular former child actress turned mogul has not overdosed. Yesterday, she was talking about meth combined with Ambien and that it takes her to places she has never been. She was a mess last night by the way. The heavy perfume didn't mask the lack of bathing for a few days and the toxins oozing from her pores. She used to be a lot of fun not all that long ago. Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen via

20 years ago I hung out with a Malibu clique, including the BFF of an actress best known for being married to a permanent A list mostly film actor. And yet, rumors that the wife is far more seriously into the faux religion seem wrong, as do assertions that the actress has no clue about her hubby’s decades long bad behavior. This is a paraphrase of what actress said: "X is such a freaking idiot! He just has to do things that are bound to find their way into the press & ruin us! The other night, he was out late at a bowling alley. There was a hot guy who worked there, and X really wanted him! But he couldn’t do anything till the place closed. I think X got it closed early! Then he took the guy & bent him over the place where the balls come out-and the balls came out, all Right! He screwed that guy, and there were still people around. I tell him & tell him he’s gonna get caught, but he doesn’t care & doesn’t listen. I don’t know how long I can keep covering for him!" It’s 20 years later, and she still is. Next time you read that actress knows nothing about her longtime hub’s extracurriculars? You’ll know she’s lying. Kelly Preston/John Travolta (Scientology) via

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