Sunday, June 17, 2018


This alliterate A- list (but really B+, but she recently bought me a drink, well not specifically me, we were all at a table and she bought the group a drink, so I gave her a little boost to A- for this one blind) mostly television actress says that her now ex who is a former network reality star wannabe actor cheated on the actress on a milestone kind of day for the actress and then completely broke it off for his new love who is a celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister or two. He lets her pay all the bills. January Jones/Nick Viall ("The Bachelor")/Rumer Willis via

In the past month, this B/B+ list mostly television comic actor started boozing again and now started doing drugs again even though his employer basically told him they would fire him if he started using again. So, yeah, this whole relationship thing is going great for him with the A lister. Pete Davidson ("SNL")/Ariana Grande via

This permanent A list singer is totally out of touch and some recent comments are really the wrong thing to say. She doesn't care though, and if somehow she does decide to walk them back, the first thing she will do is blame some underling who had nothing to do with it. She is willing to thrown anyone under the bus. Madonna (lazy people commit suicide?) via

This permanent A list singer is going to screw up her whole lap band surgery thing. Yes, she barely eats now and basically leaves an untouched plate at every restaurant she goes to in town. However, she is drinking way more wine than she used to and doesn't seem to think liquid calories count as calories. Mariah Carey  via

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