Sunday, July 1, 2018


This A/A- list mostly comic movie actress needs rehab but her people are telling her she is fine and that she can just get some coaching if she wants. They don't want the money train to stop. If she keeps going like this, she will be dead. Amy Schumer  via

This politician who currently holds a key cabinet type position is using her connections to help the family business which is weapons dealing. The family primarily uses the weapons to arm a separatist movement. Betsy DeVos (brother Erik Prince "Blackwater USA")  via

Don't believe the words coming out of this foreign born former A+ list singer's mouth. He did, in fact, hook up with this foreign born permanent A+++ lister back in the day. The thing is though, she found him wanting and not a nice person, so dumped him. To make it seem like he was amazing, the singer has changed history to suit his needs. Bryan Adams/Princess Diana via

 It really disturbs me when I see this barely legal to drive actress being totally fine with guys double and triple her age hitting on her and her welcoming it and returning the affection. Where are the parents??? It is because from a very young age, she and her contemporaries, were groomed to accept this type of behavior as normal and they do. Skai Jackson via

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