Sunday, July 15, 2018


This former A+ list singer turned A- list singer/hopeful actress is basically a zombie at this point with all the pills and other self-medication. She is a shell of her old self. Lady Gaga via

This permanent A list comic who many of you might not think of as a comic is also a former A list actor/host from multiple hit network shows who is now probably A-/B+ listish. He has always had his own brand of comedy, but sometimes he takes it to reality. He was overheard rating women by how many Viagra he would need to take to be able to sleep with them. Bob Saget  via

That sugarmama thing this former A+ list mostly movie actress turned never really acts but has A+ list name recognition thing didn't work out exactly the way she planned. She had been paying him a lot, but apparently it still wasn't enough. Demi Moore (David Matthew Read stole credit card) via

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