Sunday, July 22, 2018


All smiles last night, but two weeks ago this A- list celebrity was sporting a busted lip courtesy of her athlete husband way further down the list. He is no stranger to domestic violence. Ronda Rousey/Travis Browne   via

There are several men who are prepping to come forward about this annoying name dropper of a late night host saying he either sexually harassed, date raped or assaulted them. The allegations, from what I've heard, are extremely graphic and a definite career killer. He might try to pay off these accusers and rally his celeb "friends" to defend him, but I honestly cannot wait to see him taken down. Andy Cohen via

This A list celebrity might just call this former tweener a friend but he certainly has certain things he requires his friend to do before he is willing to call his dealer for her. She lost her dealer when she fought with her assistant who was sleeping with the singer's dealer. She is dependent on others for access and is having to pay for access to the new dealer and it is not being paid with money.Demi Lovato/G-Eazy via

This permanent A list athlete in multiple sports was being his usual a-hole self this week. Apparently he made one woman cry when she refused his pickup lines by stating she has a boyfriend. He told her that unless her boyfriend was a millionaire and was famous that she should give him up and "give up her p***y" to our athlete because otherwise it was useless. Yeah, still winning hearts and minds this one. Shaun White  via

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