Sunday, July 8, 2018


 It wasn't Vegas and maybe it won't be legal back here in the States, but our favorite former tweener turned A- list bad singer/actress/substance abuser hooked up with a billionaire who basically wanted a "personal performance" and paid her $500K for that performance has been inseparable from him since. He has several children and at least two former wives, but apparently knows how to throw a party. He has been showering her in presents and coke and private jets flights back and forth in between her pretty full commitments for the next six weeks. The two met last month and a week after meeting had a civil ceremony. Apparently the plan is to take things public when she goes back to Europe for press for her new movie. People have never seen her more happy. Selena Gomez  via

 This maverick politician who is the second generation in his family to be in politics wears a very noticeable and joked about hairpiece. He is thinking of removing it and going natural as this might lend a sense of authenticity if he chooses to run again for that very high office. Rand Paul via

Continuing her trend towards mean, this A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show actually used the phrase, "chop chop," when a bellman did not move at a pace to her liking when attending to her luggage. She didn't tip either with her six pieces of baggage. Chrissy Metz via

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