Sunday, August 5, 2018


This disgraced mogul/frequent sexual assaulter/lover of yoga has skewed the local market for escorts in the country where he is living/can't be extradited. The accused rapist is paying about ten times the normal fee for the services of the women which is angering all the regular customers in the country. With almost 40 years of sexual assaulting under his belt, it turns out he hires one or two women each day. Russell Simmons via

It wouldn't shock me at all to see this A list singer split with her celebrity husband prior to giving birth. They are under the impression that having more kids will somehow make their marriage better. Considering what they have been through and how much they still fight, this is just putting off the inevitable. I'm kind of shocked they spent nearly $100K to make this pregnancy happen to considering the likely divorce before birth. Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher via

This former tweener turned A- list singer/former network reality star has been scaring peop

e closest to her a lot when they see her. Apparently she has been repeating the fact she only has to make it 400 more days. That is her thing. 400 days. She says it several times an hour. Demi Lovato ("27 Club" celebrities who died at age 27) via

This back in the day A list singer/television personality is still probably B list just from the number of hours she spends on television each day all over the country in every tiny town. Her secret to keeping pounds off? Cocaine. Marie Osmond via

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