Sunday, August 12, 2018


This possible 2020 candidate has a family member issue. That whole sugar daddy lifestyle is out there and documented and at least three members of a sports team have been interviewed by oppo teams who hooked up with the family member. Michael Avenatti (estranged wife Lisa-Storie Avenattivia

Speaking of drugs, this alliterate foreign born actress has been told by her people to ONLY party at her house or in a hotel room where she hires someone to clean the place for her other than the hotel staff. No one wants to jeopardize the big gig she landed. Our actress has a reputation for not being discreet about her partying or the aftermath in locations of on her body. Ruby Rose ("Batwoman") via

A series of big events that have received a lot of positive media attention are rumored to be experiencing epic levels of drama behind the scenes. The most interesting story coming out of the events relates to one of the A list participants who we'll call Mr. C. Mr. C is a revered figure in his circles, but in real life is becoming more difficult with age- his public persona is much different than the private one, which has always been volatile. Anyway, Mr. C is a jerk and is now also getting super paranoid as he gets older. Because of his narcissism, he's convinced he will be targeted, especially after reading recent news about 3D printers and weapons. Because of these fears, Mr. C insisted on a last minute security clause at the event which resulted in upset people and disorder at the venue. The worst part was that because the demand was made on such short notice, there was no time to adequately communicate it to those attending which added to the chaos. The people associated with Mr. C are livid about this right now but don't dare cross him. Mr. C: Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago ("Lollapalooza 2018") via

What nobody is talking about in this A+ list divorce is how broke this former A+ list mostly movie actress is. She has spent almost every dollar she has ever earned because she couldn't control her crazy spending. Hundreds of millions of dollars. She is like the female Johnny Depp minus the rock star fetish and the beating of women. Spanking yes, but no beatings. Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt) via

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