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The Sequel: Why didn't he make it? One simple reason. He put his foot down and said he would call a press conference to tell the world what the producers were doing with the kids they were auditioning for no reason because the script didn't actually call for any kids to be in the movie. Oh, sure, they invented a couple background walk on type roles for the kids to appear in to make sure the parents were assuaged. Yeah, sorry you didn't know where your son was all day, but hey, good news he gets to be in the movie now. This actor, who has never probably eclipsed B+ list was portrayed as a troublemaker for spreading the truth. He was effectively blacklisted by any and all people who were friends with the producers which was 75% of Hollywood. There was a group though who were not friends and they have kept the actor at least earning enough to make a living. I can't even watch the film any longer because of what I know what was happening on the set. The actor said the multiple bedrooms used in scenes in the movie would often smell of cigars and booze because that is often where the producers would take the boys after their "tour" of the set. Our actor also says that every other actor on that film set knew what was going on but they valued their careers more than the horrors taking place. Only one other person on set was willing to sacrifice their career and this foreign born actress did. When she walked out, she basically didn't work again for almost two decades.
Actor: Crispin Glover
Sequel: "Back to the Future Part II" (sued the producers on the grounds that they had used his likeness without permission)

Foreign born actress: Claudia Wells
Steven Spielberg reference: "What Is It?" An Essay by Crispin H. Glover  via

From what I understand, all of the actresses from this cable show are banding together and will refuse to appear on an after show about their show. It will be interesting to see if producers make them choose between appearing or getting fired. Chris Hardwick   via

According to a "source familiar with the investigation." the way the thing works is this company has employees who trade stolen auto parts for drugs from a cartel. We are not talking about a couple thousand bucks here, but millions and millions of dollars. It would not shock me at all if the CEO was involved. One of his personalities probably thinks of himself as a Pablo Escobar/El Chapo/Tony Montana (using a different instrument of war than a machine gun) type. It would all seem to be kind of a full circle thing if you think about it and how another CEO went down back in the day.
Investigation: Securities and Exchange Commission
Company: "Tesla"
CEO: Elon Musk

Back in the day CEO: John DeLorean via

This A+ list director is filming a movie right now. One of the people in the movie is this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress. The director told her he had a confession and that he used to pleasure himself watching her performance in a certain movie from several years ago. She looked at him and said, "I was 9 in that movie." The director looked her in the eyes and said, "I know." He then walked away. Quentin Tarantino ("Once Upon a Time in Hollywood")/Dakota Fanning via

This A list singer was told by the people in charge of this talk show to not do any coke at the show at all. Apparently it was not a reprimand towards her, but because the host has been having some issues with it and wants guests booked that are known party people so the host can join in which really causes issues with the show. Ariana Grande/Jimmy Fallon via

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