Sunday, September 30, 2018


Everyone knows there are ghostwriters for songs or books, but no one ever stops to think there are ghostwriters for cookbooks too. I know she talks a good game, but 95% of the new book was bought and paid for from someone else. Chrissy Teigen  via

This A list singer has switched from just coke to mixing her coke and pills to a higher dose of pills. She is going to end up killing herself with the reckless self-medicating. Ariana Grande vvia

Like father like daughter, this B- list celebrity offspring who only gets that high because she is an offspring of a pair of permanent A+ listers is back on coke again. She has already destroyed two noses and is on her third. Rumer Willis  via

We’re hearing from multiple sources on a regular basis that this B list comedian is getting an incredible bad rep in NYC for his asshole antics and tenacious treatment of staff in restaurants and clubs. "How long until everyone has a terrible story about [name omitted]?" jokes source Sarah Saturday. I just want to see it trending on Twitter. Michael Che; Pete Davidson via

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