Sunday, September 16, 2018


People have tried to help them. People have especially tried to help her because of her anorexia to go along with her coke use. They are co-stars on a very hit show and when they end up dead together don't be shocked. I also wouldn't be shocked if she dies one night because he wants her to keep going. I thought things were bad six months ago. This is next level. My spy felt like crying because things looked so helpless when she looked at the actress. Natalia Dyer/Charlie Heaton ("Stranger Things")  via

If you read this space prior to this show airing, you know why it was given a greenlight. That show is not going anywhere (no matter what people say or its crap reviews and ratings) as long as that married former A- list mostly television actress from multiple hit shows back in the day keeps sleeping with the guy she is sleeping with who says yes or no to shows. Alyssa Milano via

Why yes, that was a one hit wonder being his usual sweaty cokehead self as he made all kinds of unwanted passes at women last night while his significant other stayed back at home. Robin Thicke  via

It was a joke he said, but it sounds a lot like sex trafficking when this A+ list mostly movie actor tells his foreign based rich investor friends to send over a "companion," who is placed in the trailer of this other A+ list mostly movie actor for him to enjoy for a day. The "companion" had no choice but to be there because her passport had been taken away. She was discovered by a PA in the trailer before the A+ list actor arrived. Leonardo DiCaprio/Brad Pitt  via

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