Sunday, September 23, 2018


She is pregnant, so this former A list singer has given up the coke, but not the wine. Just no more two bottles a night drinking. Jessica Simpson  via

It is interesting to me that this A+/A list mostly movie actress who does not have an Oscar nomination always spends the night with this A+/A list mostly movie actor but never with the a-hole late night guy. Scarlett Johansson/Chris Evans/Colin Jost via

Why yes, that was these two for a little while longer co-stars who were stealing kisses and touches and gropes last night at a party. Both of them are foreign born and the actor is married in the marriage that should never have happened. They thought they were being discreet because of the wife and no one was noticing their little game, but lots of people did. AP said she felt so bad for the wife who is a really good friend. Kit Harington/Emilia Clarke via

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