Saturday, September 8, 2018


This A list rapper is probably going to have to get into a fight every time she goes out anywhere her husband has been because he has slept with women at almost every one of the couple's haunts. I'm not sure why she goes after all the other women and not her husband instead. Cardi B (Offset) (ordered attack on 2 bartenders she believed slept with her husband) via

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has been doing a lot of television as of late told this a-hole A- list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee to f**k off when the actor tried to speak to her. Nicole Kidman/Casey Affleck via

If you look at it superficially it doesn't make much sense that a foreign born permanent A+ list designer would be collaborating with someone young enough to be grandchild. When you look deeper though and learn that a relative of the youngster knows all about the designer raping a teen model multiple times during a coke fueled weekend back in the day, but keeping it all secret, then the partnership makes more sense. Karl Lagerfeld/Kaia Gerber  via

In order to try and get a marriage proposal this permanent A- list singer/host wants to force her A- list celebrity boyfriend into it by forcing him on a show about their relationship. Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton  via

 I have written about this director/producer/a-hole a few times. You may recall him as the director who spent more time trying to molest/harass/coerce into sex this former Disney actress who finally gave in, than actually directing the movie in which she starred. It has been years now that she has had to endure his behavior and he has photos of her and shares them with friends to show that women still want him. Women don't want him. They are afraid of saying no. It is why he goes for women who are very young and very easily intimidated. I hinted that our actress was ready to stand up for herself and she did. He has been fighting back by releasing false stories about her to tabloids. He also wants the tabloids to call the pair "broken up," as if they were actually dating rather than him abusing her. Apparently he found someone on the movie he is directing who is legal in the country where they are shooting and has been sending clips of him having sex with her to our actress. I hate this guy with every ounce of my being. The things he has been doing for decades are disgusting and no one says anything because of how powerful he is behind the scenes. This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor who not that long ago gave up a franchise tried to call out the a-hole but was thwarted and even at A+ list had trouble getting any good roles for nearly a year. So, if that happens to him, what is a teen actress supposed to think about her chances of saying no.
Director/producer/a-hole: Kenny Ortega
Former Disney actress: Dove Cameron
Movie: "Descendants"

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