Sunday, October 28, 2018


Kissing The Ring: Back in the day, this actor was getting close to A+ list. All of you know him. He played a character almost everyone knows. He had his chances at being a lead in some big movies and did OK. The thing is though, he forget where he came from and didn't pay enough respect or do what he was supposed to do in finding new talent. Our actor was recruited by the disgraced director and the A+ list producer. He was one of their party boys back in the day who made them very happy so he got the roles and kept getting them. Over time though, he became less grateful for their help and less willing to find them new "talent" so to speak. He thought he could keep working just based on his name. Nope. Once you get into bed with these guys, literally and figuratively, you have to play by their rules. That means you go to certain events and you bring a handful of new young male talent for everyone to enjoy. When he stopped doing this, his career went in the tank. Oh sure, he got to keep his place in a couple franchises, but they are not big roles. Being the lead of big movies was reduced to being the lead in movies with $1M budgets. Apparently he finally saw the light and brought the powers that be a series of fresh young men eager to please. The next thing you know he gets a job out of the blue in a medium he doesn't really ever work and got a huge amount of money for doing so. Now, he is about to line up a deal to headline a movie again. James Marsden ("X-Men")/Bryan Singer/Ryan Murphy/"Westworld"; Seann William Scott ("American Pie")/Bryan Singer/"Lethal Weapon" via

Apparently the child killer all of you know is marrying one of her customers because he got her pregnant. Casey Anthony via

One of the reasons these usually barely dressed models are unhappy about the reality star joining in is because the reality star is known for really hitting on them hard to the point where they wonder if they have to give in to keep their gig. Kendall Jenner (Victoria Secret Fashion Show)  via

Which TV legend who has just returned with a new Netflix show is so nasty that he has been banned from at least one morning show. The song and dance man has the image of being a super nice guy that you would want to have a beer with, but in reality, he is the meanest man on TV who has been known to bring experience, seasoned producers to tears. On one recent shoot, focusing on giving back to a family that had lost everything, he was so obnoxious that even the one-air talent had to step in to help. Now the bosses have decided he will never be booked on their show again! Tony Danza via

It is all fluff pieces from the tabloids about the alliterate former actress turned world celebrity. Never once do they write about the huge list of demands she has for every appearance, and look out if those demands are not met. No one behind the scenes who has encountered her on this trip has really anything nice to say about her. The person in front of the camera is not the same as the one when it is turned off. Meghan (Markle), Duchess of Sussex  via

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