Sunday, December 2, 2018


This one named former A list heavy metal band who had their prime in the 90's were an actual metal band. Nothing that said hair metal. They were closer to death metal. Long before NXIVM did the branding thing, these guys were doing it. If they had sex with a groupie they would always want to brand her so other bands would know she had already been with someone from this band. They had a fairly successful rate. About half of the women said yes. "Slayer" via

This A-/B+ list mostly television actor was on a now defunct long running cable show and is now in a reboot of a city kind of show. Anyway, he is in danger of being fired because he won't stop trying to sign up people for the cult he belongs to. Tyler Blackburn  via

I really thought she was clean. Turns out she is using meth again in a big way. I am speaking of this former tween actress from back in the day to not a whole lot until her old show was rebooted. Usually when she starts up with meth again she either gets pregnant or married. Jodie Sweetin via

This three named actor who will always be associated with an A+ list creation of his was featured in an article for a monthly magazine. The reporter wanted to call it Ego Ego Ego but the editor and powers that be killed that idea and made it a puff piece rather than what it started out as. Lin Manuel Miranda ("Hamilton")/Vanity Fair via

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