Sunday, December 30, 2018


This sports event in the yachting capitol is basically a front for yachting. There are hundreds and hundreds of "employees" of the event who are there doing nothing but trading sex for money under the guise of employment by the event. Dubai World Cup Carnival via

Another canceled show due to drugs for this A list singer who had a noteworthy 2018. It makes you wonder how many shows on the upcoming tour will be canceled. Ariana Grande via

There was definitely not 100% approval from the family of this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor and his recent life event. They think that his significant other has done some things of which they don't approve. Of course, they ignore all the cheating he has done, so... Liam Hemsworth/Miley Cyrus via

This A- list mostly television actor who has starred in two huge network hits (one of which has gone on seemingly forever) that have been on different networks couldn't stop a bloody nose at dinner this week and eventually had to leave to get medical attention. Don't do drugs kids. Meanwhile, his "date" for the evening seemed crushed they had to leave the dinner half way through.Johnny Galecki via

This former A list "singer" didn't even call her sister to say Merry Christmas. Apparently being kicked off the payroll from that easy six figure a year job at the company her celebrity sister owns, still stings. Does anyone know about the brother-in-law sex between the "singer" and the celebrity sister's husband? Ashlee Simpson/Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson via

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