Sunday, January 13, 2019


I don't know how much money this former A list singer/permanent child molester paid the parents of this one named former A- list singer, but it must have been a big check to have them spew what they know are untruths. Everyone who was around back in the day knows the one named singer was way underage when she started having sex with the child molester. For them to deny it, just shows they have been bought off or have the biggest pair of blinders on ever. R. Kelly/Aaliyah via

It is always such a complicated, almost hour long procedure every single time this closeted A+ list mostly movie actor goes out with his long time male lover. They can dine together, but cannot be seen entering or exiting together and they only have dinner at places that discourage photography inside restaurants. It would be so much easier to just come out. Bradley Cooper via

I have written before about employees of one of the companies of this celebrity CEO tunneling beneath the border to smuggle drugs. It looks like it is going on again, but this time the police and DHS are on to it. Elon Musk ("Tesla") via

This permanent A/A- list mostly movie actress who has done equally well as of late in television said that she probably has a few more nominations left in her at the Globes because of all the sexual favors she provided to voters through actresses she knows. She said she is too tired to do all of that any longer and won't pay money directly to them like some others do so she won't probably ever win again. Nicole Kidman (12 nominations)via

There have been a lot of behind the scenes discussions between this disgraced producer and this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Apparently there are multiple recordings of the two of them engaged in sexual activities. Also, it seems neither of them know where the recordings are. Our producer had one of his apartments wired for sound and video and captured sexual performances on the system regularly. When everything started going down, he had the stuff removed because he thought it would look bad if it came to light in the press. The thing is though, when it was being dismantled, someone also walked away with the storage bin which contained thousands of hours of video, including the trysts between the producer and the A lister. She is one of the very few people who even know of the existence of the recording system. If the recordings ever came to light, there would be a lot of shock and awe on the part of the other women who were recorded, many of whom have said nothing ever happened. They are lying, but also didn't know about the recording system when they said they lied. It is one of the reasons this A lister has not really given a definitive answer to whether she has engaged in sexual activities with the producer. She knows she can't say no until and unless all the recordings are discovered. The company that removed the system says they don't have them. Apparently their offices were broken into shortly after they did the removal. The thing is though, they don't have any record of moving the storage bin to their offices anyway. My guess is that the company the producer hires to fix things for him has it as insurance through the years.Jennifer Lawrence/Harvey Weinstein vi

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