Sunday, January 20, 2019


Perfume Wars: How come some celebrity brands of perfume succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams despite not being sold by a big celebrity, while others crashed and burned despite the backing of an A+ lister? Well, believe it or not, it all comes down to the formula. If it smells like crap, no matter who is selling it, no one will be buying it. The thing is though, that celebrity and his team thinks it smells just fine. They don't know about the little extra that manufacturers know about that drives big sales and not just a pleasant smell. So, who gets the magic formulas? Well, when the celebrity perfume craze came along there was a rush to get the best formulas. All of a sudden you had these lab geeks being wined and dined by celebrities to let them have the best. Some were just outright purchased with astonishing sums of money. Hello Beyonce. Others though, were acquired the old fashioned way. Perfume casting couch? You bet. So, who are the biggest? A list everything in her mind spent a weekend with the decision maker and she got a massively big hit. Permanent A+ list "singer" was happy to spend a night with a decision maker and she got tens of millions of dollars in return. This former A list singer/international box office star/cheater on her first husband hooked up with the guy in charge a couple of times and also had a huge hit. Someone you might not expect. This permanent A list solo singer and in a group. As a bonus, this former back in the day A+ list reality star hit the casting couch, but apparently didn't give it her best effort so the decision maker didn't give a very good product.
A list everything in her mind: Jennifer Lopez
Permanent A+ list "singer": Britney Spears
Former A list singer/international box office star/cheater on her first husband: Jessica Simpson (major Russian movie star)
Permanent A list solo singer and in a group: Diana Ross
Former back in the day A+ list reality star: Paris Hilton  via

Apparently even when this A list singer was at her peak love of this B+/B list actor she was still hooking up with one of her exes for sex and coke lunch hours. They usually occurred when the actor was working. Ariana Grande/Pete Davidson/"doughnut licking" Ricky Álvarez via

No one knows the exact number, but the permanent A+ list director now has the contact information for about 3,000 tweens and teens, many of whom had no chance for a recent role just so he could have them in his database. He also knows who are the most vulnerable to his pitches. Steven Spielberg ("West Side Story") via

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