Sunday, January 27, 2019


The girlfriend of this A- list mostly movie actress is name dropping the actress at high end stores to get free stuff. She is then selling the stuff. Her actress girlfriend has no idea any of this is happening. Kristen Stewart/Sara Dinkin via

This permanent A list mostly movie actor/possible conspiracy to commit murder suspect knows he could never get away with his legal maneuvering here in the US and it is a long shot even overseas. Even if he does win, it is not going to change the fact that everyone knows what he did and how he tried to blame the victim for it. Johnny Depp via

PDA is super rare with this dual threat A- list actor who is having a very good award season. What better way to distract from the lies he told yesterday and will continue to tell for the next month every time he is asked about the disgraced director. Rami Malek  via

This B+ list late night comic actor told some really disgusting jokes the other night about raping babies but when someone called him out on it, the actor said the person calling him out was to blame because they were not being respectful of the actor's mental health. So, you get to say what you want and blame it on that and no one can say anything or they are the bad guy? Pete Davidson via

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