Sunday, February 10, 2019


This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress turned down the request of this A list politician so I guess he will just be single during his run. I would think, and this is just my opinion, that he would get a huge boost if he just came out. This is not something you want people to find out through grainy photographs or tabloid hit jobs by one night stands from a decade ago. Rosario Dawson/Cory Booker  via

This former A/A- list mostly television actress from two separate hits spends her days sleeping before doing coke all night long. She is back to her wild ways of threesomes and partying and apparently has had one abortion in the past couple of months because she didn't know who the father would have been. Hayden Panettiere  via

Don't believe the hype. There is no way this foreign born permanent A list model is hooking up with this former One Direction singer unless he is paying her monthly rate, which he isn't. Naomi Campbell/Liam Payne via

There she goes again. This A list mostly movie actress was forced to switch regions when one of her mentors was threatened with arrest if he stepped foot on the African continent. The actress is out scouting for new girls to be shipped off to wealthy patrons. That is what she calls them. Patrons. She says they are helping the families of the girls by providing them with enough money to last a lifetime and in return the patrons get a "family member." More like a slave or sex slave or someone they can sell again to someone else who doesn't have the connections to get one wholesale. Even more crazy is that no one seems to care or say anything and just always say yes to her because they are in awe of her presence. Angelina Jolie (Bangladesh) via

This A list singer continues to win friends and influence people. Just kidding. More and more people hate her and she is also going back on deals with ghostwriters. You can use ghostwriters and then pretend all the writing is your own but you have to follow through and pay for that. This A list singer who managed to release two records in six months and needed a LOT of songwriting help to do it, just does her own thing and will send her army after those who try and complain. Ariana Grande  via

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