Sunday, February 17, 2019


Speaking of A+ listers and moving out, this foreign born A+ lister has a second home a couple of miles from the home where his baby mother/actress lives. Our actor enjoys his time alone. It almost feels like a sister wife situation but the other sisters change on a weekly basis. Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes  via

I have always wondered if this multiple reality star/sex tape star would ever trade some jail time for revealing what she did to advance with that foreign born mogul. Antonella Barba/Simon Cowell  via

This celebrity offspring who is kind of a model and kind of just famous for being famous has some kind of sexual encounter with this talk show host each time he books her on the show. It is the only way she gets on the show. Gigi Hadid/Jimmy Fallon via

Apparently at an after party, these two A/A- list singers wouldn't stop doing coke to even talk to each other. They both acted as if it would be gone forever. One had an amazing 2018 and the other is a sex freak/fill in band member. Camila Cabello/John Mayer  via

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