Sunday, February 24, 2019


This A/A- list mostly movie comic actress passed by several homeless people last night on her way into an event and gave each person several hundred dollars. Melissa McCarthy via

This former A- list mostly television actor who once walked away from a hit show because of his huge ego had trouble getting work after his last show ended. He finally managed to land a good role on a new streaming show. Before getting cast though, he had to promise to not ask anyone for any kind of role for his actress wife. At this rate, I don't think she is ever going to work again. Ian Somerhalder (Nikki Reed) via

What legendary diva (who is not a one hit wonder) was overheard at a party telling a guest she hooked up with that one named permanent A+++ list musician on several occasions from the late '70s to shortly before his death? She also told the guest that the musician was well hung. Chaka Khan/Prince  via

This former A+ list boxer turned celebrity had almost a kilo of coke stolen from him by two women he hired for the night to tie him up and beat him. Oscar De La Hoya via

As I told you before, this alliterate former actress turned A+ list celebrity was going to have a baby shower no matter what. She couldn't have one in the country where she lives no matter how much she fought for it because they are frowned upon for her status in life, so she traveled thousands of miles for one. I'm sure part of the gifts will be all kinds of drugs for when she can take them after the birth. Meghan Markl via

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