Sunday, March 10, 2019


The Journals: Long thought to be lost in the "never going to give them back" bureaucracy that is the federal government, they have emerged. They have not emerged with their rightful owner, but with someone who is using them to blackmail various people mentioned. The owner is an A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. The journals were written over a period time when the actress was just beginning her career. It names names of those she had to sleep with to land parts. It names names of those who harassed her or she saw harass others. It lists a lot of encounters with men who were married at the time. It is a who's who of names and dates and acts. It is so detailed that anyone who is contacted by the blackmailer realizes they have no chance of waffling out of it. One permanent A list director who is beloved by Hollywood and the public and his wife is the latest to be targeted and is considering paying the 7 figure sum. The problem won't go away though. Anne Hathaway via

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress ALL of you know hit the casting couch for the first time in her life to try and land a huge role. It will probably be her last chance at a comeback. Naomi Watts ("Game of Thrones" Prequel Casts Naomi Watts in Lead Rolevia

This former A+ list Disney star turned A-/B+ list adult actor is using again and was visited by the man who always seems to take him down a deep dark hole. Zac Efron/Gianluca Vacchi  via

This former A list child/teen actor turned A- list adult actor who has beaten women in the past apparently threatened to kill a costume designer on his most recent project. He said that it was the costume designer's fault that the actor didn't look quite right on film. He needs some help. Shia LaBeouf via

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