Sunday, March 24, 2019


This actor is mostly television, but definitely done some big movies too. He has been A-/B+ list for close to four decades and is on a very hit cable show right now. He was falling down drunk at a party last week and had to crawl to get to his Uber. Danny DeVito  via

Looks like the child molesting singer found a way to fulfill his sick fetishes and get paid for it too. Hopefully the judge sees through it and denies him the opportunity. R. Kelly (R. Kelly asks judge for permission to play Dubai concerts)  via

Somehow the actress who makes shows get murdered in the ratings because no one likes her landed another show. The actress, who could be making $1M an episode by this point if she didn't have an ego bigger than California, will get this show canceled after a couple episodes and everyone in the cast and crew will be grateful to not have to see her every day. Katherine Heigl  via

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