Sunday, July 28, 2019


It took all of a week for the alliterate former actress to forget the royal intervention about how you treat people to wear off. Apparently this week she went to a shop during business hours and had a security team shoo everyone out because she didn't want to have to interact with anyone. Meghan Markle  via

By my count, there are now three former escorts running for Congress/Senate/already there.
#1 - A MN Republican.
#2 - A CA Democrat.
The third comes from a state where there are so few women serving, it would be too easy to guess. She actually did it during her college years.  via

Everyone at that celebration yesterday was just counting down the days until this A list director/choreographer gets his comeuppance. Too many teens he has used and abused over the years. Heck, if you go see this foreign born former A+ list superhero he has enough stories just by himself to take the guy down. Kenny Ortega/Christian Bale  via

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