Sunday, August 25, 2019


The Grifter: If you are friends with this guy, you have a tendency to end up dead. He befriended this permanent A++ list singer before he died and he was also very very close to this permanent A+ list singer before she died. In fact, when the latter died, he took all her drugs, cash and other valuables for himself before the police arrived. He also took all her tickets to several upcoming events. The guy is a real piece of work. He says he is a consultant, but what he really does to be around high profile celebrities is sell them drugs. He then makes sure to stay as close to them as possible and is always there with drugs while hobnobbing with their circle of friends to get even more customers for their product. Oh, and this is the guy who sold casket photos to the tabloids. He is also the guy who took photos of the A+ lister and an offspring of the A+ lister doing coke and sold it to the tabloids. He is also the guy who kept the offspring supplied with drugs. Raffles van Exel/Michael Jackson/Whitney Houston/Bobby Kristina Brown  via

This A list singer/sometime reality star who has some bad press right now kissed the butt of that rich guy while she was on a yacht and then played his company picnic last night. Katy Perry/Jeff Bezos via

It's Happened Before: Not so long ago, there was a Madam who was probably the biggest in the world. She only catered to the wealthy and elite. Many of her clients were also high ranking politicians and in one case one of the top two positions in the US government. She threatened to expose her clients and was found dead of "suicide". This Madam was on record very loudly stating that she would not commit suicide and gave no indications prior to her death of having suicidal thoughts. Her client list exists and many attempts have been made to try and steal it from her long time attorney to have it destroyed. Her attorney has threatened to release it multiple times, but a bunch of John Does have gone to court to keep him from doing so. Apparently several of the women who worked for her got started as rape victims of the pedophile. The attorney most recently tried to release the list during the run up to the 2016 Presidential elections because there were multiple clients who were associated with the campaigns and actual candidates too.
Madam: Deborah Jeane Palfrey (a few of the most prominent officials on Palfrey's client list, including Republican senator David Vitter, Deputy Secretary of State Randall Tobias—who resigned when details of his use of escorts surfaced—and an adviser to the Pentagon, Harlan Ullman)2016 Presidential Election/Hillary Clinton  via

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