Sunday, August 11, 2019


This former A- list tweener turned A- list adult singer who has spent a lot of time in rehab has done a George Lopez. No, she hasn't dumped a spouse for hookers and strippers but did dump the person who saved her life and is abusing what the person gave her. Selena Gomez  via

This multiple network reality participant gave a fairly revealing interview. She gave a reason for walking away from a corner of the entertainment world she was trying to conquer. What she failed to mention is that she was awful and no one wanted to give her any songs for free because she wasn't all that nice to them and threatened to have them all blackballed via the guy she called her boyfriend at the time who is a mogul. Julianne Hough (singer)/Ryan Seacrest via

I think we all knew the hooking up of the former A+ list mostly movie actor and the A list singer was inevitable. The question is whether he dumps the girlfriend he cheated on the singer with or not. Jim Carrey/Ariana Grande/Ginger Gonzaga via

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