Sunday, September 29, 2019


Looks like the A+ list mostly movie actor and his business partner kissed and made up about money and the A+ lister even brought out the wife for the first time in nearly a year. He didn't seem that interested in the wife while filming out of the country this week. George Clooney/Rande Gerber/Amal Clooney/"Good Morning, Midnight" via

 Over the years, I have written about this actor/director and the things he did to this A- list mostly television actress all of you know. She has been acting since she was very young and he molested her. She was not the only victim, but she is one of the few who has spoken out. And by speaking up, I mean to some of her friends and family. I also wrote how this same actor/director did nothing to stop others molesting children in front of him while on a set when he was directing a popular television show. Now, it appears he is going to get a chance at network television with a show which will have numerous child actors and actresses on set on a daily basis. I hope the producers think this through carefully and realize they don't need him in front or behind the camera.
Actor/director: Timothy Busfield (Timothy Busfield and Melissa Gilbert Talk About New Company)
Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Byrds of Paradise")
Television show: "The Fosters"
New show: "‘Almost Family" via

This former A list tweener turned A- list adult singer has been skipping meals and abusing Adderall which has left her dangerously underweight. Miley Cyrus via

It is when people see court filings like the one from this permanent A list singer/sometime actress they see the entitlement oozing everywhere. When it reads like, "I'm a star so therefore my children deserve to be treated like stars. All you do is have a few offices and create jobs for some people, but it doesn't matter because you aren't famous and I am, so you lose. My children are already more famous than you and always will be." I really can't believe they though this made them look good. That is what makes it all the worse. BeyoncĂ© via

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