Wednesday, September 4, 2019

fishing oops

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Unknown said...

I used to work for a nonunion Millwright company in Long Beach California.
There was a foreman named Paul who told me what I thought was biggest load
of BS fish stories I ever heard. He told me he took his wife and deaf 12-
year-old son to Baja CA. Father and son rent a small boat with a Mexican
skipper for some fishing.

Son gets a hit and daddy realizes that the fish is too big for his kid to
handle. Daddy grabs the kids rod and begins fighting the fish. Even Daddy
has trouble with the monster. The fish turns around and makes a beeline for
the boat. It jumped out of the water two or three times before landing in the

My BS detector is pegging by this time. The swordfish speared Paul's ice chest.
This four hundred or so pound fish was at least as long as the 14-foot skiff.
Paul is frantic because he thinks his son is under this thrashing monster. Paul
is getting his ass beaten until he realizes his kid and the skipper had already
jumped out of the boat. Paul jumps in and the three wait for the fish to die.

At this time, I am making an obscene gesture with my right fist (the universal sign
language symbol for BS.) Paul pulled out his wallet and unfolded a page from the
Pacific Outdoor News complete with photos. I told Paul that he could make fortune
in bar bets and never have to pay for a beer for the rest of his life!

Buy me a cold one..