Sunday, December 29, 2019


Dear Rami Malek (A/A- list mostly movie actor who got his fame in television before landing a movie role which got him an Oscar nomination/win) ("Mr. Robot" and "Bohemian Rhapsody"),
Several months ago you were busted with cocaine all over your shirt. I'm sure you vowed to never let it happen again, and your people said please do, because the dandruff/salt shaker stories we had to use were lame. Well, it looks like they have their work cut out for them again because you are the messiest coke user of all time and insist on wearing black shirts while doing it. You should send them a nice gift for the holidays and not do coke in public places until you get better.
Love & Bacon,
Enty via

This foreign born former reality star who is an offspring of two A listers, including a permanent A lister was crazy rude while out last night. The sense of entitlement was out of control and the fact she had to wait five minutes before being seated was treated with five minutes of seething rage. Apparently she is going to be back on television again soon, but I don't think the people who work in this town are ready for it. Kelly Osbourne via

This alliterate former B+ list actor turned reality star hosted the disgraced director while out of the country. As part of his hosting duties,the actor had to find a young man to entertain the director. Matthew Morrison ("The Greatest Dancer")/Bryan Singer  via

I wonder if this A- list celebrity who wanted to be a permanent A++ lister sabotaged their own efforts because of some things that would have been uncovered if they continued. Things like how they got their start and what they had to do to get their start. There is also that whole murder investigation they would have been dragged into. Not to the extent as someone else who is an A list celebrity, but definitely would have been mentioned in the same sentence. Kamala Harris (affair with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown/Ed Buck/Jussie Smollett  via

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