Sunday, January 26, 2020


It took them about six months, but a trio of people managed to come up with the number of 114. That is the number of animals this former A+ list reality star has been seen with over the years. Where have they all gone. Most of the 114 were only seen once or twice. Paris Hilton via

Apparently over the holidays, this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort showed up unannounced multiple times at the home of this writer/former A list mostly television actress, asking for a role in a new reboot of a movie they once worked on together. Lindsay Lohan/Tina Fey/"Mean Girls" via

This former A++ lister knows his name is going to come up in the trial of the disgraced producer. This is why people close to the former A++ lister have been trying to normalize the actions of the producer. Bill Clinton/Harvey Weinstein/Hillary Clinton (Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers ask for mistrial after prosecutors link him to former President Bill Clintonvia

Apparently it is perfectly fine to use ghostwriters 95% of the time but still get inducted into the songwriter hall of fame. It is amazing what money will buy. Mariah Carey via

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