Sunday, February 9, 2020


The Blackmailer: There is a reason why this former A list mostly movie actor (John Cusackdoesn't work like he used to back in the day. It isn't that he doesn't want to work, he just couldn't because there were too many women who said no to being his co-star. Our actor, who was really closer to A+ list when he was big had a wide variety of women who wanted to sleep with our actor. He wasn't interested in that. He wanted to sleep with women he had something he could hold over their head. He loved getting dirt on them whether it was drug use or a secret abortion or what have you. He then would force them to have sex with him in exchange for not leaking the information to a tabloid. In one of his longer relationships where he well and truly destroyed the mind and career of an at the time, A list mostly movie actress (Neve Campbell/1998 to 2002), he knew there was a sex tape between her and a director (Wes Craven). It was a casting couch thing ("Scream"and the director is a well known a-hole. Our actress didn't know about the sex tape, but the actor had viewed it once and could describe the scene well enough to the actress that she believed him when he said the tape was in our actor's possession. He treated the actress like crap for years and degraded her and humiliated her and just used her until her spirit was gone. There was never any mat talk for her. Her story got out and since then, the actor has a hard time finding work. Plus, no one ever likes working with him anyway, so it was easy to find someone else. John Cusack/Neve Campbell/Wes Craven via

The guy this foreign born A-/B+ list actress has been hanging out with this weekend while out of town is definitely not her husband. He is however, a huge coke dealer. Priyanka Chopra/Miami/Nick Jonas via

This awards organization was pressured into using the singer of the moment for their show so people could see how great she is. No one thinks she is great. She was manufactured and sold as someone great and won't be anywhere this time next year. Billie Eilish/"Academy Award via

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