Sunday, March 1, 2020


This permanent A++ list celebrity had a private party planned for the rapist producer if he was found not guilty. Oprah Winfrey/Harvey Weinstein via

More, More, More: Short and sweet. This permanent A+ list mostly movie director is bailing on a project because of news he is trying to keep under wraps. Apparently there are recordings of him interviewing young child actors and asking them wholly inappropriate questions. The recordings are from about two decades ago and are from either one or two movies filmed at around the same time. He was only the director on one of them but helped cast both. Steven Spielberg via

This back in the day A list tweener is now an A-/B+ list actress who was looking forward to reliving her glory days in a reboot. The thing is though, once people started working with her again, they realized why they hated working with her before and now, things were worse. So, things are probably not going to work out and there won't be a reboot. Hilary Duff/"Lizzie McGuire"  via

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