Sunday, March 15, 2020


There is no such thing as a loan with this former royal. She keeps all money given to her. It is all kickback money paid through her to her ex. She is up to her ears in it and she knew what she was doing when she offered up her daughter to the billionaire pedophile too. Sarah Ferguson/Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein/Princess Beatrice via

The ongoing legal case between this former couple has exposed that the A- list actress is abusive. We already knew that. One thing that was only implied, rather than explicitly stated is the actress was with certain men only for the fame or money they could bring her and she fakes it with all men. Bring on the celebrity CEO and the disgraced actor. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp/Elon Musk/James Franco via

Even if he loses his lawsuit, this A- list mostly television actor who stars on a soon defunct long running network show, and has a habit of abusing women, he will never pay. He is an expert at hiding his money. His issue will be that his current significant other has been burned by him in the past and it wouldn't shock me to see her taking his money instead of hiding it. Terrence Howard/"Empire"/current wife: Mira Pak/ex-wife: Michelle Ghent via

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