Sunday, March 8, 2020


This permanent A list country singer finally found someone he can cheat with on his celebrity girlfriend and thinks no one will know. I know. The person who told me knows. The plan doesn't seem to be working well. Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani  via

Arguably the most famous member of this foreign born all female group tested positive for the corona virus but apparently says, for her, it feels like a really bad cold. Perrie Edwards/"Little Mix" via

Bad Drug Behavior
#1 - This A list musician in a permanent A list band has always been known for his abhorrent treatment of women. Proudly last week he told a story about how he made a groupie who was in her teens lick up the coke he had spilled on the floor of a bar. He then told her she had to orally service every guy at the table. The girl was way underage. Tommy Lee/"Mötley Crüe" (Questionable details about Tommy Lee)
#2 - It had a huge name cast and was a movie ("Cotton Club" ) that came out in the mid 1980's. It got destroyed at the box office, but the producer (Robert Evansof the movie made a fortune because he stole most of the money from the budget. This is not about him, but this A-/B+ list actress (Diane Laneall of you know who was given $100K when she found out about the stealing and ended up spending that much on coke during the movie. "Cotton Club"/Robert Evans/Diane Lane/Budget:$58,000,000 (estimated)/Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $25,928,721 (Francis Ford Coppola: Why He Spent $500K to Restore His Most Troubled Film, ‘The Cotton Club’)
#3 - This permanent A list mostly movie actress all of you know has been sharing a lot as of late. She hasn't shared that she used to have a huge drug problem. Back in the day when she was first starting out, she was known as the threesome queen. If you brought the coke and some cash, she was open to anything. Demi Moore (Demi Moore Claims Ashton Kutcher Said Their Threesomes 'Justified' His Cheating)
#4 - There was another actor who was in the film describe in #2 who was just becoming really famous when he was shooting #2. He used to do his lines of coke in front of people and was known for not sharing and being an a-hole about reminding people he was rich now and famous and just being a tool. Nicolas Cage via

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