Wednesday, September 12, 2012

another round of celebwhodunit

I always like doing DWTS items because they are so current and the pool is smaller and easier for you to guess. So, two female celebrities and one male professional dancer. One of the women really wants to go out with the pro dancer and to dinner and thinks he would be a great boyfriend and has been flirting with him a little. He might end up dating her but right now he has been having sex almost everyday with another of the female celebrities which will probably be a deal breaker for the first. The sex thing is just sex, but she would never understand. VIA

This former A list actor and Academy Award winner/nominee who would still be an A if he were not a little bit off center sometimes and is actually a really good actor has a girlfriend. Nothing new there except he does not usually date. Anyway, things have begun to get serious for the couple. What he does not know is that her ex who is a former A list celebrity and will always be a legend still hooks up with his ex when she brings their child over for visits.

She has been drinking a lot lately. When she does, she lets out her real feelings about her marriage being a mistake. At a recent party, she began shouting loudly, "I should’ve never gotten married! Fuck him! Fuck you Mom and Dad! Fuck everybody!" One of the reasons her marriage failed was because she felt cheated. She thought she was marrying a bad boy, but her ex actually turned out to be surprisingly straight-laced. She wanted someone genuinely wild. So, while she was still married, she started asking friends to find her someone who was a real "bad boy". That is how she wound up with her current beau. He has a bad reputation, and she didn’t even wait until the marriage was over before making a move on him. She actually started emailing and talking to him weeks before the marriage ended. (Her ex is completely in the dark about this). She is really falling for him, and she loves the fact that he is up for anything – anything – that is dirty or kinky.

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