Sunday, December 29, 2013


This former comic actress turned talk show person has already bought an engagement ring for herself and wants to start wearing it even though her celebrity boyfriend hasn't even proposed. Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg  via

This Glee actress heard her boyfriend was cheating on her so she went to his house and slashed his bed with a knife before throwing red paint on it. Yeah. She is a keeper. Naya Rivera/ Big Sean via

This A+ list mostly movie actor got busted cheating on his B- list mostly movie actress girlfriend. She had a spy on the set who she used to sleep with and wants to sleep with her again. The A+ lister has been trying to win her back and he eventually will because she is only with him for money and fame and has several people she sees for love. Our A+ lister thinks he is in charge of the relationship but he is just a toy being played.
A+ list actor: Johnny Depp
B- list actress girlfriend: Amber Heard  via

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